Meet the Mystery Team


Dave Dunn - Team Owner / Racer

Dave has lived and breathed motorcycles for nearly 15 years. He’s ridden coast-to-coast across the United States six times, completed an Iron Butt Challenge riding 1,100 miles in 19 hours, and even proposed to his wife while on a cross-country motorcycle trip. In his first season of racing, Dave took home 1st overall in his class. Dave has lived all over the United States, including Nantucket Island, Tucson, Arizona, and New York City.

Dave will be racing on a desert prepped 2018 Husqvarna FE501.


Jason Sibley-Liddle - Team Manager

Born and raised on Nantucket Island, Jason started looking for adventure from a young age. At 14 years old he started exploring every inch of the island’s dirt roads aboard his dirt bike.

After five years of life in Boston, Jason and his wife, Hannah, decided they needed a change. They packed up their Jeep Wrangler and took off on a month long, 5,000 mile off-road adventure on the Trans-America Trail from North Carolina to Oregon.

Jason eventually settled in outside San Francisco where he currently works at an AgTech start up.  With easy access to California’s diverse terrains, Jason spends every weekend overlanding or exploring trails on his dual sport.


Rick Hoffman - Crew Chief

Rick is one of the most gifted mechanics around and we are lucky to have him onboard the Mystery Moto team! Rick has now since retired from the Union Pacific Railroad where he was an engineer for over 20 years. In his spare time, Rick restores classic military vehicles out of his home shop in Tucson, Arizona. Rick’s levelheaded, just-think-it-though approach will be a real asset come race day.


Emily Dunn - Coordinator

The only thing that predates Emily’s love for motorcycles is her love for speed. As a Coordinator for Mystery Moto, Emily has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for the 2019 Baja run. When asked what she wanted her bio to say, Emily replied, “Please don’t ask me that at 10:30 at night.”


Greg Nearhood - Chase Vehicle

Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania Greg eventually found himself living in New York City and working at some of the city’s trendiest bars. Greg and Dave became friends while they both lived in Brooklyn and each had a vintage Honda that never run.

Greg and Dave together traveled to Baja in 2018 where it was decided to put together a race team and attempt the 2019 Baja 1,000. Greg’s sense of adventure and willingness to adapt in the face of adversity make him an invaluable member of the Mystery Moto team.


Jonathan Nimerfroh - Photographer

Surf and lifestyle photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh’s “Slurpee Wave” photos recently became a viral internet sensation.  Jonathan lives year round on Nantucket, an island 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, and is the founder of Wampanoag Riders.

Jonathan’s award winning photography has been featured in such publications as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Stay Wild Magazine, and much more.  Jonathan is a proud member of The Photographers Alliance of Nantucket and his work is currently being exhibited exclusively at Samuel Owen Gallery.