Our Story

The spark for Mystery Moto Racing originated back in 2005 after I watched Dana Brown’s film, Dust to Glory. In the years since, just visiting Baja felt out of reach for a kid living on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. On November 1, 2017, I packed up my motorcycle, kissed my fiancée, Emily, goodbye and rode to Mexico to chase a dream. Greg, my close friend and travel partner for this inaugural Baja trip, stoked the fire and encouraged me to attempt the 1,000.

Once I returned home, I began floating the idea to close friends and family, many of whom asked to join the team. With years of motorcycling experience and an incalculable number of miles traveled on two wheels, I still had exactly zero experience racing motorcycles. In January 2018, on the eve of my 29th birthday, I officially began my journey to change that. January and February were spent training six days a week. By March I purchased a 2018 Husqvarna FE 501 and on April 8th I competed in my first of many motorcycle races.

Fast forward to October 2018 when Jason Sibley-Liddle joined the Mystery Moto team as Team Manager. Sharing the same enthusiasm for racing Baja, Jason brings a diverse skillset to the team. Jason has been a driving force in pulling the team together and taking responsibility while I prepare to tackle the Baja 1,000 in the Pro Moto Ironman class.

Although Mystery Moto doesn’t have decades of racing experience, we make up for it with wide-eyed enthusiasm and tenacity. We want to experience grassroots motorcycle racing where anyone with a dream can hop on a motorcycle and race!

- Dave Dunn